TSOTG Quote of the Day – Day 31

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Only one more day to go till the release of This Side of the Grave!  Make sure you check back tomorrow for another peek at TSOTG!

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  1. OlVampLuvr

    February 21, 2011

    My copy of TSOTG Mp3 arrived on Feb. 17th. I am so totally enjoying listening in my car, laughing, having people passing me think I am a loon.

    My fav quote in the book thus far is when Bones & Cat captured a goul, questioning him, Cat is trying to talk Bones out of killing the goul. She hears something, turns around and VLAD burned him to a crisp. She asks him why he …. Vlad replies ” It was PREMATURE-FLAME-ULATION!!!!

    I nearly wrecked my car laughing!!!

    GREAT installment to the Night Huntress Series

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